Delicious events was established by my self Leroy Johnson and the Dons Consortium on Friday 30th June 2008, This came about due to over the years attending so much of these bull s*** same music, same DJ every event raves... and listening to the same ole Djs week in and week out.

This was my first event for the year and we achieved a turn out of over 450 at this event which we held at Envy Club in nottinghill.Since 1983 i have produced many Successful club events i put together over the years in venues such as--

Cafe De Paris

Embassy Club

Brockwells bar (Djing on fri-sat for the first 3years of its life)

Fridge bar

Home Club (now defunct w1.)

Sloane’s bar (Sloane square)

Babushka (Brixton)

Dog Star

Bar 628(Brixton)

Tongue and grove (Brixton)

Caesars (b-day bash with dj crime)

George the 4th Brixton (UK hip-hop explosion) live rap competition

Club envy

Club Aura

Mish Mash

Also i have produced events International at clubs in the U.S Such as--- Shadow lounge south beach (Miami) Lola Bar (Miami). (Were i played my first U.S set) Junior Vasquez’s acquired venues for him over winter music conference through our U.S Company) Also the All star cafe on ocean drive we provided for bobby and Steve for an event they had during the Lenox Lewis and Tyson fight back in the days. Jerry Kelly owned level night club south beach (Miami) which we arranged Armand van heldons after party which was strictly for the A-listers And Liquid night club Miami.

So look
look out for my next event happening in the month of august.............

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