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 With over 400,000 unique users Colourful offers a growing audience of ABC1s and lovers of classic soul and good music via its broadcast radio station Colourful Radio and its unique portfolio website,,, and


Two key changes took place between July and August 2008:

         Gordon Mac (founder, Kiss FM) joined

         Qualitative research amongst Colourful’s audience




  1.  Format change for the radio station to Urban Adult Contemporary
  2.  More music and speech programmes for a mature 25+ audience
  3.  New line-up of programmes hosted by some of the best known names in radio
  4.  Positive feedback from the audience
  5.  Audience reaches 30,000 weekly and growing

On Air

          Broadcasts to London – Digital Satellite (UK), DAB (London), Internet, Mobiles

          Cross-references listeners to Colourful’s portfolio website

          Uses Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) to sign-post

          Recent advertisers – MoneyGram/Post Office, COI, Afro Hair and Beauty, Department for Transport, Breast Awareness Campaign-Cancer Research

          Airtime, sponsorships, read outs and targeted campaigns


          Live music and speech programmes

          Programmes are available on Colourful Player ‘Listen Again’ 30 minutes after live programme

          Colourful Player contains all the advertising from live programme

          Colourful Player is available for 14 days – enough time to catch up

          Numbers of ‘streamers’ and ‘podcasters’ are logged

          Downloads are logged

          Recommend programme to a friend tool

          Programme Polls

          Presenter Pages – encourages affinity, trust, exchange

          Email, feedback, comments to presenter and station

          Listener Panels


          Portfolio website - audience 400,000 unique users a month, Page Impressions 2.6million

          Daily news service, pertinent stories and incisive commentary

          Recent advertisers – Institute of Education, Royal College of Nursing, Home Office, MoD

          Brand awareness, recruitment advertising, and targeted campaigns

          Registered with ABC ELECTRONIC (

          Supports industry agreed standards for website traffic measurement

          Every visit, impression, click-thru, and email is logged

          Provides up-to-the-minute data for audit trail



          Accepts all IAB advertising specifications

          Serves Audio, Video and Document formats

          Pages are separated into Channels and Areas

          Recommend page to a friend

          User Polls

          Email, feedback, comments to the Editor

          User Panels


Qualitative Research


Qualitative research conducted amongst

subscribers and listeners:


         60% ABC1


         84% aged over 22


         Equal male / female ratio


         Above average earnings


         Influencers with greatest influence over young
people, and give advice on matters such as jobs,

   education and social behaviour.

For further info on advertising or statistics please download the word docs or power point presentations below, or call me on 07506 144 000 email


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